My name is David Bachman, based in Chicago, IL. I began this adventure providing beautiful handcrafted neckties after being inspired by my late grandfather. Donald Bachman was married to my grandmother, Betty Bachman, for 69 years when he passed away in 2012. I was visiting them in Wimberley, TX, when Grandpa Bachman passed his vintage tie collection down for me to enjoy. I've had his ties for a couple years now. Recently, I wore his Johnny Carson paisley necktie for the first time and for some reason, everyone who saw it – loved it!

That day inspired me to start something new and to give people a necktie that will inspire compliments and conversation. Compliments and conversation, you say? Something that a typical run-of-the-mill department store tie cannot accomplish. Department store ties all say the same thing: “I’m boring!” So I began this adventure to change that and to give men the opportunity to freely express their style, status, and sex appeal.

I spend ample hours hunting for the most beautiful fabrics for a tie. I wear them all myself. They are tested and measured because I personally gauge the feedback and response from my friends, family, co-workers, and complete strangers. I know that I have something exemplary to offer my customers when I have complete strangers asking, “nice tie, where did you get it?” and then wanting to order ties for their husband and children.

Think about this:

Women have so many options when it comes to fashion. They can wear a different dress for every setting or event: a long dress, short dress, mini dress, party dress, wrap dress, wedding dress, strapless dress, summer dress. Not to mention that each dress has a magical and unique array of colors and patterns.

What do men have? A black suit, a blue suit, and a tan suit. What’s worse for men is that when we are packed in a room of people, it doesn’t matter if you have a $2,000 suit or a $200 suit – we all look the same!

What makes a man stand apart from the rest? His necktie. So why be boring, like all the rest? Say something about your confidence and personality. Give those around you something to talk about. Try a Neck Candy Tie Co. premium handmade necktie. People will notice.

If you don’t like compliments and conversation, please do not wear my neckties.

~David Bachman, Owner